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Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

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Fresh garlic scapes.  $4 per bunch (roughly 1/2 lb).  

Garlic scapes are the edible flower stalks of hardneck garlic plants.  They have a mild garlic flavor, less pungent than garlic cloves, with a hint of sweetness. Their texture is somewhat similar to asparagus or green beans when cooked.

Culinary Uses

  • Raw: Garlic scapes can be chopped and added to salads, used in pesto, or blended into sauces for a mild garlic flavor.
  • Cooked: They can be sautéed, grilled, roasted, or added to stir-fries. Cooking them brings out a sweet, mild garlic taste.
  • Pickled: They can also be pickled for a tangy, garlicky snack or condiment.


With proper care, Garlic scapes can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month. They can also be frozen or dried for longer storage.

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